What is Athletic Therapy?



What is the purpose of Athletic Therapy?

  • Getting back to work and play from muscle, bone, ligament, or nerve injury.

  • Discover the limiting factor of the body and fixing it.

  • Improving quality of life and activities of daily living for sport or leisure.


  • Evaluate based on detailed history, observation, range of motion and strength

  • Make progress by manual techniques and exercise prescription

So… Do I have to be an injured athlete to benefit from it?

Nope! Athletic Therapy is for everyone!!! The goal is to get you back to what you love!!! That might be getting back to a sport or job after an injury of figuring out how to condition more efficiently to get to the next level in your sport!

Sample of Success from Comox Valley…

Barb Shaver:”With Jessi’s help, I’ve gone from not being able to bend over to put on socks in the morning to being able to attend work out classes in the morning: something I thought I would never be able to do again.I am continuing to work with Jessi due to chronic pain/loss of function. It is amazing how quickly my body is responding. I am so excited to be able to go back to doing movements that were once so easy for me and, also, to be able to perform movements I have struggled with. Thank you Jessi for your expertise! I am so happy to have found you!”

Kelly Wilson: “I have been working with Jessi for over a year. Jessi has been helping me to regain strength and endurance after a very deliberating back injury. Due to this injury, I had been unable to manage my daily farm chores without severe pain. Jessi has helped me to retrain to use proper positions  when doing heavy physical work, as well and setting up a daily routine of fun exercises to help me to restrengthen muscles that I hadn't used in years (due to injury). I have made steady progress throughout this year, and am now stronger then I was before the injury. Jessi is very delightful to work with, and very accepting and encouraging. She has modified my exercise routine so I can easily do it at home, with no special equipment required. I have had excellent results over this year, and plan to continue my work with Jessi so I can continue to prevent further injury, as well as get even stronger.”

A bit of background

Passionate and determined to excel as a rider in equestrian show jumping, but not a natural athlete or interested in other sports, Jessi attended physiotherapy to target areas holding her back. Amazed by the difference it made, she started to enjoy being physically active outside of riding and developed an interest in training. Immersed in the competitive riding world for more than fifteen years, eventually she experienced the process of injury rehab for horses. Despite the amount of effort the horse world seemed to put in bringing a horse back from injury, there seemed to be a gap of supplemental training for riders. This sparked the interest in Athletic Therapy. A profession aimed at helping individuals excel and minimize the impact of injury to the involvement in doing their sport or activity.

Jessi graduated from the “Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy” (BAET) program at Camosun College. During her practicum she completed more than 1200 hours of work experience with a variety of sports teams, industrial workplaces and clinics in Victoria, Sooke, Shawnigan Lake, Qualicum, and Courtenay.

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